Paulay Apartments

Upmarket apartment building in Downtown Budapest. The group owners converted 85 % of the block into one or two-bedroom units, renting out on short, medium and long term to mostly film industry clients.

The Brody Group – 2016 -2019

The Workshop

Ground Floor of the Paulay Apartments was turned into a modern co-working cafe/restaurant. Our design department focused on lighting and, the first for us, industrial kitchen and technical bar design.

The Brody Group – 2018

The Red Door

The Red Door is an art, music, and performance space. It is a place of community and gathering. We consulted on the repurposing of a taken over lighting system.

Tim Nudgent-head – 2019

The Red Door HU

The Art Yard & Andrassy 66

Home of the Brody Group Art Collection. We designed the lighting system and oversaw the installation on a consultation basis. The main entrance to Andrassy 66, Budapest, also enjoyed a lighting touch-up by us. Alas, the Art Yard is not open to see anymore, but the entrance wills till welcome you!

The Brody Group – 2016

Brody House Caf├ę

Bringing members home, the Brody House Group created a special place for their private club members on the ground floor of their Boutique Hotel. We consulted and oversaw not only the lighting but also the bar and kitchen technical design aspects. This project was our second involvement in designing F&B elements.

Brody Land – 2019

BH.X – The new Brody House Club space

The Writers Villa

Nestled between the Buda Hill, the brief for the design was simple; luxury, relaxing the creative mind enabling words to flow from ink.

The Brody Group – 2017

House Watson

A family homestead on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, South Africa. We designed the lighting for the exterior as well as the interior spaces

Bloemfontein – 2013/14